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Are You Having Problems With Your Orthotics?

  • Are you tolerating something that you know should be changed?
  • Are you tired of orthotics that give you trouble?
  • How about using a lab that is APROVED and TRAINED by Dr. Chan
  • Find out how you can make your NM dentistry go easier and smoother?
  • Don't tolerate expensive orthotics that don't work?


The orthosis should be comfortable, easy to wear and not give the patient feelings of discomfort and pain. If they can't wear it they can't get better! Work with a quality orthotic laboratory that has been APPROVED by Dr. Chan.

1. Are you having difficulty fitting your patient's orthosis at the orthotic delivery appointment?
2. Are you having to grind and adjust your orthotic more than you think you should on delivery day?
3. Are your patient's complaining that their orthotic doesn't fit well?
4. Are your orthotics thin, flimsy and breaking?

Call Dr. Clayton Chan and let him know and he can direct you to a QUALIFIED ORTHOTIC LAB that has been APPROVED by Dr. Chan and knows his orthotic design, type of material and occlusal prescription or Learn more about at his Level 3 Treatment Planning course at .

Call Dr. Clayton Chan at:
(702) 271-2950 office or

Dr. Chan desires that all doctors are getting the best orthotic service and support for their patients!

Disclosure: Dr. Chan does not receive any financial reimbursement or is financially connected to any laboratory listed on this site.

"Just wanted to share with you that so far I inserted 2 out of 3 orthosis that I had sent to your recommended lab. There work is phenomenal. I never had orthosis returned to me with such accuracy in occlusion. Hardly any coronoplasty. Even in chew they hit right on the money. With the ones from my previous lab I had to reline every single one of them.

Oh by the way I had a discussion with the owner of the lab a few months ago regarding adding an expansion screw into the orthosis, he did not know exactly how it should be done so I gave him some links. I told him next time when I would be in Vegas I would show him a sample. But do you think you could show it to him?

Ps so far I have referred two Doctors to his lab."
- Ramin Mehregan, DDS - Boston, Massachucetts.

with Dr. Clayton Chan

2 DAY SEMINAR and HANDS ON TRAINING - 16 hours C.E. Las Vegas, NV
Level 3 ADVANCED TREATMENT PLANNING, February 11-12, 2015 (International Doctor Week), February 5-6 & 9-14, 2015

This 2 day course discussed the key design concepts in dealing with4 main categories of dysfunctional patients who require specific orthotic lab Rx's, design and diagnostic requirements to effectively resolve their problems. Come learn what most gneuromuscular clinicians orthopedically need to know!

Level 4 Introduction to Micro Occlusion/CoronoplastyFebruary 13-14, 
August 27-28, 2015

The principles of "DOT" Dentistry is a fundamental concept founded by Dr. Chan. This is a "Hands On" and "How To" participation course going beyond the traditional coronoplasty techniques and anterior disclusion misconceptions!

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